we offer:

Trainings, seminars, conferences, webinars, local and
With international experts in the field of business management

● Defining work values
შექმნა Creating professional standards
. Develop decision-making skills
. Development of professional knowledge and skills
. Harmonization of Georgian legislation regarding micro, small and medium businesses
Socio-economic situation in the country in accordance with EU legislation
ხელშე Promoting the establishment of rural women cooperatives, cluster enterprises;
შექმნა Creation and development of a network of innovative business incubators in the regions of Georgia

Trainings to develop your own business and attract investment

● Learn to manage finances,
● Market and sales strategy;
პირადი Develop personal and social skills;
● How to create business models and identify users, or target groups;
● How to develop a marketing strategy.

The main topics of the trainings are:

Plan ● Entrepreneurial Legislation and Tax Code;
საფუძ Marketing basics and management skills;
● Value chain concept and business plan development;
● "Coaching", information provision and training Mentoring & coaching
● Financial planning, accounting;
მოძი Finding new financial instruments;
● Information sessions on business registration and banking products;
● Development of digital skills;
უპირატეს Advantages of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA);
ჩამოყალიბ Formation and development of clusters;
● Social entrepreneurship;
● Agriculture and tourism;
● Green growth and circular economy;
● Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs);
● Gender equality and economic empowerment;
● Small business and mentoring to develop new skills;
ენტო Mentoring service for women entrepreneurs to help them run their business, banking
With credit taking-management;
● Personal initiative trainings on demonstrating proactivity and resilience can help you:
To resist the negative economic consequences caused by COVID-19

                  All trainings are certified 

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