Former women prisoners and probationers have to integrate into society with a difficult social background. After their release from prison, some of them were faced with such acute problems as homelessness, unemployment and lack of any means of subsistence. The current situation is forcing many of them to flee to the criminal world in search of self-preservation and lukmapuri.

The Association "Women and Business" with the financial support of the European Union in 2015 implemented the project "Facilitating the reintegration of imprisoned probationers and ex-convicted women for a law-abiding life", which created a temporary shelter for homeless ex-prisoners and probation women. The Government of Georgia has provided the Association with free usufruct for the purpose of arranging the shelter, which has been overhauled by the Association and equipped with the appropriate inventory and equipment. Temporary shelter (provided for 12 beneficiaries at a time. A total of 105 former inmates and probationers have benefited from the shelter since its inception. Through the implemented programs, 38 shelter residents received vocational training and employment, 17 beneficiaries received small grants under the Association's Small Grants Program and started their own businesses, which in turn helps them adapt to new requirements and integrate fully into society.