The founder of the company "Kumpa" is Telavi State University Professor Tamar Mikeladze. Tamar has several professions, and in addition to education, she also pursues active entrepreneurial activities. It creates an environmentally friendly soap. The main secret of the brand's quality is the natural ingredients in it. Each species is made according to an original recipe. Regular use of the compress rejuvenates the skin and makes it healthier. "Kumpa" also works on hair health. Kumpa soap "solid shampoos" are the best way to care for hair. Kumpa - this is the proximity to nature.
Tamar Mikeladze is a lecturer by profession and an associate professor at Telavi State University. I know that many of my colleagues in Telavi and Tbilisi work in additional jobs and are even looking for other jobs. A few years ago I discovered that I needed colors in life - and new "I's" awoke in me. I work on felt, I paint with oil paints (self-taught), I make handmade soaps. And my one day is a combination of all of these.
Today I have to make a wine pump (old Georgian "soap"). First I start working on the recipe. I check the indicators and the composition. Then I weigh different oils, perfume oils, ingredients. I really love this enjoyable process.
This time I'm just thinking about how my new recipe will appeal to my customers. I decided to make the original soap, the red and white wine soap material had to be layered together (until now I only had red wine soap). It is more time consuming, but it will be more beautiful and the effect will be greater. After that I clean up my lab and move into the kitchen where I already have another role - housewife. But thoughts are swirling around my work. "

Ms. Tamar is a member of the Association "Woman and Business" and is actively involved in various programs and exhibitions.