European Innovative and Economic Models
Formation problems

This policy document was created for the project “European Innovation and
Introducing Economic Models to Achieve Inclusive Economic Growth "

SME Development Promotion Policy in Georgia

The application discusses the range of problems of small and medium entrepreneurship, which hinders the development of this sector, has a negative impact on the middle class…

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Promoting the re-socialization of women prisoners

Promoting the re-socialization of women prisoners by raising gender awareness and meeting their specific needs

Business Training Curriculum

A business process is a set of interrelated activities or tasks aimed at creating a particular product or service for customers.

"Promoting the re-socialization of women prisoners"

Promoting the re-socialization of women prisoners and ensuring gender-specific needs by raising awareness of current issues related to it;

Eastern Partnership and elements of socio-economic policy in Georgia

The study was conducted within the framework of a project funded by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation - Promoting the implementation of the Eastern Partnership in Georgia…

Association "Woman and Business" - Booklet

The Georgian Association "Woman and Business", a non-governmental organization, promotes the development of small and medium-sized businesses.

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Artistic Felt - Creativity for Dignity

Catalog for "Creativity-Dignity"

Recently, the association has focused on the problems of probationers and women prisoners. 

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