Pirimeze Aragevli (Shorena Kochlashvili) is a resident of Pshavi. I. Javakhishvili After graduating from State University, he moved to the mountains and began working as a teacher at the school. Love and respect for students
, Care has become for the upbringing in the national spirit of the next generation
His companion. Shorena was not satisfied with just pedagogical work
Was always in search of something new. That is why the immense lover of the mountain did not leave his paternal hearth and started entrepreneurship.
"I decided to take care of the village, to do what my ancestors used to do, not to lose it, to continue my studies and to preserve the traditions and customs of folk medicine. With this inspiration, I started a business collecting and drying forest fruits and medicinal plants. It was through the realization of this idea that I was able to raise a single mother of three orphans and improve the financial situation of my family. I also involved rural youth, sharing my knowledge. My only goal is to help the people left in the mountains, to stand by them and I want to stimulate them with my activities, that the mountain must exist, because the mountain is a deposit for existence… "
Shorena believes that all challenges can be overcome through hard work and calls on young people to "work with dignity, do for others what you would do for yourself."

Membership in the Women and Business Association and participation in programs will be a source of inspiration, motivation, experience and knowledge for me and a role model. The USAID Agriculture Program allows us to learn the technology of making dried fruits properly at home. We expect that thanks to the social project we will have a drying plant and our dried fruit will be sold, which will help to strengthen, develop and employ the population in the mountains. „