Georgian Association "Woman and Business" started its activities right in the country
The situation became tense against the background of the political crisis - (Newly ended civil war and
Armed conflicts in Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region, the so-called With South Ossetia) and the country,
Due to significant material losses and IDP flows,
Faced severe challenges. Women and
girls. It was to their aid that a small working group of women was set up in 1993, which
Brought together women engaged in entrepreneurial activities as well as peace and human
Human rights defenders and representatives of professional organizations that are targeted
Improved socio-economic conditions of the population, women's involvement
Activation support for peace building, negotiation and conflict prevention
Processes, their economic empowerment, ensuring sustainable self-sufficiency
To achieve.

Initiative and demand of the official organization emerged at the working group meetings
About a foundation that would help women acquire professional knowledge, skills
And in developing competencies and starting your own business, would encourage new ones
Introducing professional standards and establishing oneself in the market.
This is how the Association "Woman and Business" was created - one of the first women's business organizations,
Which represents the interest of women employed in business in various industries and
Since the day of its establishment, it has been purposefully working on the economic and social aspects of the country
To contribute to development, to promote the development of women entrepreneurship.

In 1998, the association became a member of various international organizations, fruitful
As a result of cooperation and implemented joint projects, was awarded
Status of an international organization. It is a non-profit, non-profit business