The International Association "Woman and Business" is a business organization that represents
The interests of women employed in business in all sectors, aiming at: micro, small and
Medium business development, increasing women's involvement in the country's economic development
In processes and promoting women's entrepreneurial potential, protecting their rights
And achieving gender equality by raising economic and legal awareness;
Information-consulting services, business and vocational training programs
Through, to support employment and self-employment.

We promote:


ამ Raising women's civic education, legal and economic knowledge;
● Women's vocational training and professional development;
● Women employment and self-employment, starting their own business and existing
To expand;
● Women's counseling and information services;
ხელმისაწვ Access to grant and credit resources;
ტიკური Analytical research of problems in women entrepreneurship, their
Identifying needs and requirements;
ხელშე Promoting the development of women-run enterprises, using modern technologies
Introduction and assistance in finding partners;
გაზრ Increase women's participation in the development and improvement of entrepreneurial legislation;
. Protection of gender equality and women's rights.
. Provide practical assistance in viability and financially sustainable, self-sufficient
Establishing businesses through training and manufacturing practices, small grant programs, and referrals In front of microcredit programs; 

We help start-up and current entrepreneurs with a product range
In the case of further development of the expansion and service spectrum;

● We offer start-up entrepreneurs, under the patronage of a business incubator, space and equipment
To start a business; We also provide assistance for the post-business incubation period
To prepare, start and develop a new business;