Dried In the fruit-rich regions of Georgia From the ancients famous Yo; In Kartli and Western Georgia; At that time, dried fruits were prepared by hand; Then this product was sold, or consumed in the family;  now yes. They started using modern technologies and dried fruit became a family business

I am 42 years old, a biologist by education. I have a son, 14-year-old Luka Garsevanishvili. We live in the village of Gori. In Shindisi, located 13 km from the Tskhinvali occupation line.   

In general, every day of life in the village is full of difficulties. Despite this difficulty, I decided to cultivate the vineyard on my own. Where I have a wine variety of grapes. I want to produce wine in the future. With a small cellar and many guests.  

   The vineyard will be held in a few years; Before that I was thinking about what I could do, how to find a job from which I would have a stable income;  

I found out that many women in my village are engaged in the production of dried fruits and I also decided to start making dried fruits.  

It was at that time that I met Ms. Nino Elizbarashvili, the founder of the Women and Business Association, for my own good, who listened to me, took my situation to heart and decided to reach out to our abandoned side at least a little. Ms. Nino often visits us - quotes trainers-teachers who teach us the technology of making dried fruits at home, the production of organic products, proper business management, etc.  

 We expect that, thanks to the social project, we will have a drying plant and our dried fruits will be sold both locally and in different countries.