Popularization-teaching of old Georgian traditional handicrafts

I have been working in the field of traditional handicrafts for eight years. After participating in professional courses conducted by the Association "Woman and Business", I mastered this profession. I create about 700 different products of felt, batik and quilt: clothes, souvenirs, accessories, works of art      

  Revived with oil paints. For the production and production of the above-mentioned products, I use mixed techniques, weave in almost all my products, clothes and accessories, and revive old traditional Georgian ornaments and elements, which, unfortunately, have been forgotten. I try to preserve and popularize these traditions.

With the help of the association's small grant program I was able to set up a small workshop-enterprise where I employ 5 women. Our products have become known in the local market, as well as we have established contacts with foreign companies. The main users are both tourists and locals. I participate in various exhibitions and festivals.