In Pshavi, in the village of Chargali, on the bank of the river Chaglura, there is a small family hotel. There are always great warmth and hospitality typical of this corner. Mrs. Marika Razikashvili is a descendant of the great poet Vazha Pshavela. Increased demands on tourism
With its tireless work and small resources, teaching and introducing the best examples and practices of tourism, it was able to
Adapting appropriate forms and maintaining traditional customs. To make an impact, Ms. Marika creates a comprehensive framework for future actions and decisions, offering visitors both a beautiful environment and delicious traditional dishes made from local natural products (including the famous Dambalkhacho, which has the status of an intangible cultural monument). Which he collects and prepares himself.

"Succeed in the skillful and coordinated management of different users
The need to provide high quality services requires constant updating and efficient resource planning.
In development, tea and dried fruits made from medicinal plants and forest fruits have become a souvenir of my hotel, which we are happy to offer to tourists and local vacationers. "