Project title


Promoting the safety of persons incarcerated in the face of the Covid-19 epidemic.- Helsinki Committee of the Netherlands-2021

The project provided for the provision of appropriate equipment to prisons to prevent the spread and impact of Covid-19.

Promoting the Physical Survival and Social Adaptation of Female Victims of Domestic Violence, Stigma, and Discrimination During the Covid-19 Pandemic - Open Society Foundation (OSFG) -2020-2021

The project aimed to support the vital interests of homeless ex-prisoners and probation women by providing services. 

As a result of the project, homeless ex-prisoner and probationer women will acquire skills to demonstrate their ability to work, master various professions and become self-employed .They will be provided with temporary housing that will help them socialize in society.

 Support for the Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Women Victims of Torture and Violence - EU / EIDHR / ENPI -2017-2019

As a result of the project, 350 women victims of torture and violence were raised to the level of knowledge on human rights and fundamental freedoms, received business and professional education, started their own businesses and were employed.

Development of Women Entrepreneurship, Realities and Perspectives-

Friedrich-Ebert-Stuffung (FES) -2019

The project envisaged a survey aimed at obtaining data on enterprises owned by women entrepreneurs, as well as identifying the problems and needs that lead to low activity of women in the business sector.

Development of Women Entrepreneurship through the Regional Network - EU / ERASMUS +, EFEB Network - 2017-2018

The project envisaged promoting women entrepreneurship, business education, mastering new technologies, introducing distance learning and creating a regional network.

 Technical Assistance for Monitoring and Evaluation - TBSC Consulting / / USAID HICD PLUS


Support for the Resocialization of Women Prisoners - European Union (EIDHR)


Women in Rural Innovative Entrepreneurship Training for Women Farmers - Facilitating Women's Economic Empowerment - USAID / EPI


Promoting the Eastern Partnership Platform in Georgia • Representation of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Georgia


Promoting Information and Civic Awareness of Young IDP Women for Employment and Self-Employment at the World Bank


Regional Workshop on Women's Empowerment and Gender Equality, CESO / SAKO Canada


Promoting Agribusiness Development in Gori Region-Horticultural Products and Marketing Scheme-CESO / SAVO, Canada


Gori Business Incubator for Internally Displaced Women - USAID / SME support project


Promoting Social Integration - PRL / NORLAG


Upper Svaneti Development-Tourism Promotion in the Highland Region Svaneti Treasure - USAID / SME support project


World Bank - Improving the Socio-Economic Status of Women in Upper Svaneti