For me, as an artist, it means a lot and is somewhat stimulating, for charitable people and organizations, for their support, which I always mention with gratitude;   

Association "Woman and Business" is distinguished in the civil sector; He achieves great success with his experience and business projects; The Association provides significant assistance to women employed in various fields and women's organizations; I submitted my business plan to the association last year where I won 2 times and got funding. 

It can be said that this is a great incentive for me, because the grant I received helped me to establish my own art studio. I bought a muffin oven and various necessary materials. I started working and in addition to creating my own ceramic works, I have students who teach me how to make clay art; 

Although ceramic production is developed in many countries around the world, Georgian ceramics are still different - they are distinguished by their originality and harmony of colors; Items decorated with Georgian ornaments have a different charm and beauty. 

 I am a teacher by profession. I have received my primary education, specializing in painting.  

I am a ceramics technologist by my second profession. In 2008 I took a 3-month clay art course, after which I started working as an art therapist in kindergartens. I teach children that pottery is made in Kartli and Kakheti, Guria and Imereti, Racha and Lechkhumi, Samegrelo and Abkhazia; This is evidenced by the numerous pottery found during archeological excavations, which are preserved in museums and captivate the visitor with its delicacy and beauty. 

 I also work with children on the autism spectrum to teach them how to process clay; With special exercises we make great progress in improving children's speech and motor skills.  

         I employ a craftsman and an artist in my art studio, we create different pottery together and sell it on the market. I was invited to a personal exhibition in Venice, where my masterpieces were highly praised.  

Thank you very much for the project "Woman and Business". For cooperation and support