He says that due to the pandemic situation, he discovered new opportunities - a few months ago he started creating handmade, family decorations. Involve your children in this activity and now you are doing charity work with them. "I am Dina, from Telavi ერთად with my wife, we are raising two sons in Georgia .. We work, we are in the service of our country; We want our children to be brought up as patriots of the homeland. 

To tell you about my dreams is not a big list, but I always wanted to do something that would benefit my family and help the needy with what I do. Today, I can say that it was partially released. With as little initiative as I can, I help families meet their needs… " 

Dina Telavi residents met her a year ago, right after the start of the pandemic, when she, along with her children, was a member of a group of young volunteers who were actively working to help the elderly and large families. 

As we have already mentioned, Dina Natsipashvili creates various handmade items, accessories and home decorations. The subject matter of the merchandise is predominantly national; As he tells us, at first it was his hobby, and then he took the matter seriously, he soon took care of popularizing things and turned it all into a source of income… 

"Yes, it all started during the universal shutdown. When so many people lost their jobs and favorite jobs… when, as if it was time to do nothing, it was at this time, I thought, why should not I try something new, and soon I got the result… 

I knew for sure that my success would be a source of joy for both my family and loved ones, as well as for those who need support the most. I'm glad I was lucky and my handmade decorations sell very well. I do not spare myself in doing each thing and I put my soul into it, because I believe that if you do not do the work with love and selfless labor, it will not be as you imagine. 

Now I have another dream. I want to expand my small business further and open a store where Dina's handicrafts can be purchased.  

Most of my products are made according to the wishes of the customer. In addition to the collection made by my design, I give the customer complete freedom when taking the order.  

I also think about future plans - I want to become stronger, more composed and even more self-confident. "Most importantly, I will be able to increase my income and help more needy families."