Among the dried fruit entrepreneurs is Mrs. Tsitso Patsinashvili, who lives in the beautiful village of Shindisi in Kartli and is thinking about developing her business. Our side is famous for its orchards since ancient times; Our family also has some area; We used to sell fruits for sale and get some income; Then, when I did some sort of research on what the needs were in the market, I saw that the dried fruit sold well because it retains its useful properties throughout the winter and is also easy to store, suitable, does not require special conditions; So I decided to start making dried fruit; Of course, appropriate production techniques are required; I started taking care of it. Before that I had to do all the work by hand and I had to dry the fruit using the old homemade method; In our village, dried fruits are prepared by families; Some even have new techniques and their experience has helped me; I applied to the organization "Women and Business", which helps women entrepreneurs; I took special dried fruit making and marketing courses and acquired skills; It was a great joy for me and at the same time a great incentive to move my small business forward; At present, I mainly make dried apples and black plums and tklap; . So I started making dried fruit .I'm hiring a few women. We take into account the needs of our customers as well as the comments. We hope that our enterprise will grow more and become more diverse after purchasing new equipment; We will use different kinds of fruit; Today's achievements will help us to implement my plans. We thank the Association "Woman and Business" for their support and assistance.