•  In 1998, with the financial support of international organizations (USAID, UMCOR, UNDP), the first business incubator was established in Tbilisi, and then 
  • In 2007 in Upper Svaneti, Mestia 
  • In 2009 in Shida Kartli, st. In Gori  

business IncubatorS  major occupation

  •  Providing information and consulting services on legal and economic issues for start-up and current entrepreneurs;
  • Promoting business and vocational education of entrepreneurs through trainings and special courses;
  • Expand the range of business incubator services in areas such as: small and family tourism business, promoting the development of small rural processing enterprises and cooperatives;
  • Support and assist business initiatives in innovating and introducing new technologies;
  • Promoting the establishment and development of contacts between investors and entrepreneurs;
  • Activate participation in the development of the country's economy and develop recommendations to improve the business environment and further strengthen relations with government agencies;
  • Providing “virtual” incubation services outside of the Business Incubator to entrepreneurs who are not within the scope of the Business Incubator.
  • Strengthen the business incubation skills of start-up entrepreneurs in small enterprises under the patronage of a business incubator and provide access to financial resources, which will help them to run their own businesses independently.

 As a result:

  • 670 various businesses run by women were assisted;

  • 3200 women received business training, as a result of which they were employed and / or started their own business;

  • 2850 women underwent vocational training courses and mastered various professions;
  •  Tbilisi    Under the auspices of the Business Incubator, 5 small enterprises have been set up, employing 14 start-up women entrepreneurs.